Understanding flex-grow, flex-shrink, and flex-basis

So I recently got introduced to flexbox and just like it’s been with every new concept I’ve come across on this journey to learning software engineering, I was overwhelmed and felt I could never understand this concept.  I read and re-read all the resources, did a ton of practice, and to an extent, I can […]

Understanding Cascading and specificity in CSS

I’m a few days into my learning journey with the Odin project and I can say that I’ve learnt so much within a short space of time. I’ve been introduced to basic HTML and I have even built my first project (a recipe page) https://github.com/Chiza1/odin-recipes. Well, the page isn’t looking like most of the web […]

Why Software Engineering?

14 months after my startup crashed because of the covid19 pandemic, I didn’t know where to pick up my life from. Left in huge debt, depressed, and with no idea of how to pay off my debt, I decided to learn a digital skill.  I knew a couple of friends who are data Analysts, UX/UI […]