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14 months after my startup crashed because of the covid19 pandemic, I didn’t know where to pick up my life from.

Left in huge debt, depressed, and with no idea of how to pay off my debt, I decided to learn a digital skill. 

I knew a couple of friends who are data Analysts, UX/UI designers, Writers, and what have you. And I know that if I could learn a high in demand digital skill, I’d be able to work a remote 9-5 or even freelance and gradually pay off my debt.

So while searching for the best digital skill that I’ll be able to transfer my entrepreneurial skills and experiences to and that’ll I enjoy working full-time, a thought struck!

“I realized that over the years, I’ve learned a lot of skills (by accident so to say) and one of them is website designing.

I remembered that I had helped a couple of family and friends design websites and Ecom stores for free using WordPress, Elementor, and Wix.

This became the turning point for me.

I decided to venture into web designing and see if it’s something I’ll enjoy doing.

I began researching how I could start charging for this service and before long, I got my first client. A kind Nigerian man based in Philadelphia, USA. What do you call a client that gives you a nice tip for a job well done? Kind of course!

I approached him on Linkedin to ask him to design his website and put some professional structure in place for him – thanks to all the things I know about digital marketing.

He declined at first but surprisingly reached out after a few days asking to speak with me.

According to him, he liked how I didn’t just pitch my services to him but took my time to understand his business and spot areas he needed help with.

Long story short, I charged him N100,000 ($150) to design a portfolio website. 

Then I got my second and third clients and finally decided to give website designing all of me. Aside from the money motivation, I found that I enjoy sitting at the computer working all day.

But then, I soon realized that there’s little customization I could do with drag-and-drop plugins like Elementor.

I decided to learn to code so there’ll be no limit to what I can create.

I checked a few coding Bootcamps out there but the structure wasn’t fine by me and so I decided to go the self-taught route. Since I’m already used to learning stuff on my own, I feel I can as well teach myself how to code. And I’ve decided to spend the next 8 months teaching myself how to code. I plan to spend 5-8hrs every day. 


If you’re wondering why I’m sharing my story and what I plan to write going forward, I’ll tell you.

I shared my story so y’all will get an idea of where I’m coming from so anything else I write will make sense.

and I started writing for three reasons.

1.  To document the process –

Writing has a way of helping me learn deeper

2. To encourage those who want to go the self-taught route to go for it.

3. To encourage women to get into tech. Yeah, this will be the goal eventually.

So basically, this is going to be a lifestyle blog. 

I plan to post every week about what I’m learning and the strategies I’m using to stay focused and manage my time.


I understand it’s not everyone that my posts will make sense to and so I’ve made a list of people I think it

1. Women that are interested in tech

2. Those considering teaching themselves to code

3. Anyone who’s interested in following my journey.

I end by saying, I’ll work hard, hope and pray that I achieve everything I’ve set out to do and that in a few years from now, I’ll look back and thank God that I started today.

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